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What's up everyone! My name is Wade Godman and I am an adventure/lifestyle photographer. I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and developed a sense of adventure and creativity from a young age. I am a self-taught photographer, and have been obsessed with taking photos since I got my first camera. I couldn't help but to bring my camera along on adventures to capture moments that make the experiences special. It all changed when instead of just bringing my camera along, I let the camera guide me, going places with the intent to capture certain scenes.


I built my portfolio producing content for outdoor companies focusing on shooting in elements that the products thrive in. I consider the aesthetic of each brand from the original concept to the final edits. When shooting commercially, my goal is to highlight the brands aesthetic to give the audience a genuine sense of community and lifestyle.


If you have any questions or just want to chat, email me at and let's talk! 

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